Energy and Intuition

Gain a deeper connection to your intuition and energy.


Energy and Intuition is not a class where you learn to become a psychic medium...


Even though we will practice various exercises that open these channels in a BIGGER way... and receive messages from Spirit.


Energy and Intuition is a powerful space where you learn to feel and shift your OWN energy and the energy of the space around you, bringing new outcomes into your life.


It is a space where you open your own INTUITION into it's next deepening of existence...


So you can feel and know what YOUR Soul's wishes are BIGGER, and leave behind what no longer serves you... to move towards your light.


Energy and Intuition is a space where you can learn to SHIFT the moments where you personally feel stuck, hopeless or low.


Where you can learn to change the energy in the room from low vibrational to high vibrational.


Energy and Intuition is a place where you deepen your awareness of yourself, of others, of the natural energetics of the world around you, and learn how to use these energetics to shift what may feel negative or unwanted, into something positive and remarkable. 


This is a space where you move forward on your journey, using intuitive exercises and specific meditations, connecting you to your body, your intuition and your Spirit in profound ways. 


You will GROW.


You will surprise yourself at the connections you will feel with the spiritual world around you, and with the calm brought to your nervous system, and the heightening of your intuitive abilities...


Hearing from the realm around you and your soul's whispers deeper... from your own self.


What You Will Experience:

  • Active Meditations to ignite and open your energy and intuition
  • Gentle breath healing work to connect more deeply to your intuition and energy
  • Exercises to strengthen your intuition and energetic field
  • Community to practice with and connect with                         


All levels are so welcome!!



Zoom Schedule:

  • Sunday, June 9th 5-6:30pm EST
  • Sunday, June 23rd 5-6:30pm EST
  • Sunday, July 7th 5-6:30pm EST
  • Sunday, July 21st 5-6:30pm EST


These Live Virtual Sessions are recorded, so you will have access to any missed Sessions throughout the two months. You do not need to attend class Live to receive the benefits of these virtual classes.


I'm very excited to hold these Sessions with you!


Purchase is non-refundable.

$260.00 USD


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