Your nervous system is calling...

Apr 01, 2024

Your nervous system is calling...


It wants a deeper break,

A longer calm...

Permission to SLOW down and be fully present in YOURSELF.

To be nurtured and loved and cared for.

A break that speaks to your HEART.

A break asking for a bigger moment of being truly SEEN and understood.

And while your nervous system is calling, it is really your WHOLE being.

Your WHOLE existence.

Every part of you that gives and gives... and wants to feel as if someone is staring back into your own eyes, giving you space to express yourself and really listening just as deeply....

To You.

Listening to the silent roars that coat your being, asking for a shift...

For something to SHIFT.

And while you sense you sit alone at times with this desire to be seen and understood so much clearer... you know just as deeply, that you can see Yourself.

You feel and are aware of your heart's needs and cravings...

And your body's language that summons you to respond to the feeling it delivers... This call from your soul, or bodily pain that continues.

And for some reason... you wait...

Even though moments arrive that startle you so deeply into the knowledge that something MUST shift.


Are you willing to awaken to the knowledge that sometimes MORE can be MORE?


That you can exist in a bigger way and bring your body and heart into a place that shines your light from within...

A place where Movement and breath lead your body and soul into another experience you cannot quite explain, over and over again.

A place where life shifts you from the inside out...

Where your nervous system slows to the soft, gentle beat of a drum and your mind seems to drop away from circling into places you wish you'd already passed...

Knowing that you arrive in this space so that you may continue to shine your own light OUT.


This place of pure MAGIC.


What could it feel like to be in a space where your entire attention is on your BODY and SPIRIT... your heart, dreams and mind?

A place to just BE and explore the parts of you that get left behind?

The parts that call your name over and over, whether through body pain, a desire to grow deeper into your intuitive self and mind, or a place to connect on a much deeper level.


What could it be like to feel invigorated, restored and empowered... and with seeds planted of something new...


Into a place where your intuitive self opens and grows BIGGER... and sparks your light that leads your way.

I'm ready to explore what's next.

Are you?

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