About Lauren

I guide women to understand and heal their own bodies and pelvic floors through easeful movement and breathing work...

and to gently dive deeper into themselves than they ever have before.

Redesigning How You Move

As a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Lauren studies exercise movement that allows the pelvic floor to return to and behave in a more functional state. Through outstanding mentors and her own internal findings, Lauren created a Movement experience specifically for those searching for pelvic floor rebalancing, breath and injury rehabilitation, fascial connections and autoimmune conditions.

The breathing system is the foundation.

Shifting breathing patterns and rebalancing the pelvic floor into the whole system brings the female body into alignment, strength, balance, and resets dysfunctional movement patterns, as well as pelvic floor functionality.

Specific diaphragmatic breathing patterns with slower, mindful movement are incorporated into each Session to not only tap into true functional strength and address the nervous system, but to instill a deeper way of being present. Her students release physical pain, reset dysfunctional movement patterns, align personal posture, and reawaken the body into a free, calm and expanded state.

Let’s restore beautifully balanced movement to your system.

Lauren guides women on a healing journey through The Lauren Levine Collective, where you can deepen your knowledge of your body and build a practice to support it fully, with expert guidance from Lauren.

Lauren’s Background

Lauren Levine has studied body movement and dance from the time she was walking. Lauren attended various summer intensives around the world as a young girl and graduated ballet boarding school from Virginia School of the Arts. She attended Broadway Dance Center on a full scholarship and was mentored by the legendary Frank Hatchett, touring conventions with him as his assistant.

Lauren was a Radio City Rockette and was a member of Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Company II. She performed in various television and stage shows throughout New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Lauren is certified in McEntire Pilates and completed oneBody Pilates Teacher Training under owner Nicky Greyson. Lauren is a Pilates Method Alliance Member. She has also completed countless courses and workshops. Some of her favorites include Moving Anatomy under physiotherapist Robert Lardner and Nicky Greyson, Body Assessment and Runity Clinic Workshops under Dr. Brent Anderson of Polestar Pilates, McEntire Pilates Arcus Levels 1 & 2 and Neuromovement under Trent McEntire, and Feldenkrais Workshop through Carol Lessinger.

Lauren is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist through Dr. Sarah Duvall.

Lauren has experienced every aspect of fitness, learning from the dance and fitness greats themselves.

She has taken all she has learned along the way and is working to bring that passion and knowledge to others. Lauren Levine Movement is a Movement in progress and ever evolving.

And so this journey continues ...

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Awards & Accolades

⭐️ 2018 Charleston’s Choice Finalist: 


⭐️ 2020 Best of Charleston Finalist Pilates Studio:
Studio27 / Lauren Levine Movement
⭐️ 2021 Charleston’s Choice Finalist
Barre / Pilates / Yoga Instructor:
Studio27 / Lauren Levine Movement
⭐️ 2021 Charleston’s Choice Finalist
Pilates / Barre Studio:
Studio27 / Lauren Levine Movement 
⭐️ 2023 Charleston’s Choice Finalist:
Pilates / Barre Studio


Liz McNulty

M.S. in Rehab Sciences, Certified Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner

"Lauren is not only brilliant, but the kindest person you'll ever meet. Her method connects your body head to toe by releasing the muscles we over use and engaging the muscles that are weak. Her method rebalances and builds true strength from the inside out. After a few months of taking classes, I feel stronger at 40 than I've ever felt in my 30s and 20s."

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