Psychic Mediumistic Readings 

Take a breath and receive beautiful awareness from your own soul, your guides, and your loved ones in Spirit. Open, surrender, receive, and heal.

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Your connection with Spirit happens every day.

In the penny you find face up, in the shadow you see from the corner of your eye.

Spirit is all around us. Even in the seemingly ordinary moments, your guides and loved ones are offering subtle yet significant messages housed in beauty, support, and love.

I am here to guide you in hearing what is already around you.

Every reading is different. Some are conversations back and forth with loved ones, some are led by your guides, some are your Higher Self, and some are past life experiences. There’s so much that can come through.

Whatever shows up, you¬†will leave our time¬†together knowing that you are more supported than you ever thought possible¬†‚ÄĒand more¬†devoted to showing up for yourself, your intuition, and for a realm you cannot see.

"I am forever amazed by the healing that comes with readings like this. Truly, you are so very gifted."

Virtual Psychic Mediumistic Readings

In this session, we begin with some breathing to settle your system and mind. Next I will lead you in a short meditation, connecting you and I to each other.

You will receive messages from your own soul (psychic), your Spirit Guides (guides you haven't known in this physical life that walk by your side in your highest support), or from your loved ones in Spirit. I work as an open vessel and tell you what is coming through for you / what I’m experiencing in that moment.

I will record our Zoom session and email it to you within 24 hours. 

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I'm Lauren, Intuitive Medium & Psychic

I grew up in a home where I regularly experienced things you cannot explain. My mom knew this.

While she was battling ovarian cancer, I kept asking her what "our sign" was. Each time she looked thoughtful but kept her answer on pause. Now I know why.

There were too many ways to connect to count. It was limitless.

My mom passed in 2022, and I feel her presence even deeper now than I did this past decade while her physical form existed. There are so many beautiful experiences I’m having connecting with her in spirit form.

I love being able to serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, offering channeled insight and guidance from your loved ones and Spirit. 

I am invested in your highest good and your truest support.

I'm so looking forward to sharing this time with you and exploring another beautiful layer of the world we live in, together.

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Thank you for guiding your loved one to this beautiful experience.

I felt her... this tiny woman to my right. She was only around five feet tall, but she held so much greatness and leadership in her.

She is saying she passed from cancer. She's asking about cookies.

"Oh my gosh! We were just talking about this a couple of nights ago. That's my grandmother on my mom's side."

The memories shared from your loved ones are such a blessing and gift. Thank you for sharing these love-filled experiences with me, as you connect with the spirit of your loved ones around you. 

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"You affirmed for me many questions I’ve had about my life’s purpose and about what I need to let go of and focus on."

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephanie B

Lauren is a beautiful vessel for channeling the wisdom of Spirit. The whole process is a loving experience that creates healing on deeper levels than words can express.

This reading gave me a deeper faith in my path and connection to Spirit. I feel grateful, light, and like I received the clarity and confirmation I was seeking.

Laura H

This reading was spot on in every way. I am astounded. Truly. 

I am still quite weepy over the connection you provided with my mom, who has dementia. I just FaceTimed with her and said thank you for talking with me. She looked right at me and said “I’m so proud of you." She smiled just like she knew exactly what I was talking about (and I know she did). 

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