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Transform your relationship with your intuition and body through breath, gentle movement, and community.

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This isn’t an online exercise membership.

In The Collective, we don't focus on physical appearance, working harder, or feeling guilty if you don't dive in each day.

This is a home where you will learn to breathe better, hear your intuition louder, reduce pain, reset your nervous system, and make your body and pelvic floor stronger & healthier.

Your membership includes access to hundreds of gentle movement classes, educational resources, meditations, live intuitive sessions with Lauren, and much, much more.

Together we will bring you to a place of deep alignment and well-being¬†‚ÄĒ from the inside out.¬†Join us today.

Foundational Membership


per month

  • Unlimited access to¬†200+ On-Demand Classes to support rebalancing your breathing system, body pain and pelvic floor
  • Breathing Meditations to reset your breathing patterns into a functional, healing state
  • Spirit Meditations to bring you deeper into your own intuition
  • Movement Series designed to support healing of hips, backs, necks & more
  • Option to cancel anytime
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Enhanced Membership


per month

  • Everything included in the Foundations Membership
  • Live Zoom Sessions filled with support and guidance directly from Lauren, to deepen your spiritual and body intuition¬†
  • Bonus Recorded Workshops: feet, shoulders & abdominals¬†
  • Access to live recorded sessions¬†designed to bring you quickly into your own intuitive self, out of body pain & into freedom
  • Option to cancel anytime
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What if you could develop a new relationship with your body and spirit? 

What if you knew how to talk to your body, listen to your intuition, and respond in a way that eases pain, accelerates your healing, and brings you into an entirely new way of living?

Our bodies are built to respond to the language that speaks to them.

This membership will support bringing you into a new state; a strong, alive state where you feel free, balanced, and like the true YOU.

You don‚Äôt need to work so hard to get where you want to be¬†‚ÄĒ¬†I promise.


Set yourself up for continued healing, peace, and mobility for¬†years to come. Here's how¬†ūüĎᬆ

Unlimited Access to 200+ Movement Classes

Hips & pelvic floor, neck & shoulders, back, abdominals, and more! All classes are 35 minutes and under.

Live Zoom Sessions with Lauren

Lauren will teach you how to access your inner knowing, answer your questions, and connect with you on a deeper, more intuitive level. 

Class Series for Specific Areas of Your Body

Specific movement series provide fast but sustainable solutions for chronic pains or problem areas. 

Guided Meditations

Various styles of meditations including opening bound fascia and tight pelvic floors, as well as Shamanic Journey-style meditations to open your body, heart, and intuition. 

Educational Chapters

More education, awareness, and opportunity to understand your body on a deeper level. Each Chapter includes processes Lauren uses and teaches in private sessions. 

Work directly with Lauren, live! 

Members of The Collective Enhanced enjoy 4 Live Zoom Sessions every month with The Body Whisperer. You'll be in a community of women ready to explore their body and spirit deeper through:

  • Guided¬†Shamanic-style meditations and visualization techniques that tap into your own clairvoyance
  • Gentle breathing and movement exercises that¬†calm your¬†nervous system and access your subconscious
  • Talking about your daily life and trusting¬†your intuition to navigate¬†real experiences
  • Learning how to¬†stand in your own energy
  • Recognizing your innate intuitive abilities within and their link to your body and pelvic floor for deeper insights
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Collective is the best movement program I have ever been in. Every class has a purpose and is geared toward keeping you moving correctly to stay out of pain and discomfort. Lauren's program is so much more than just exercises... you will definitely get in shape, but it is so much more.

Lissa E.

Lauren understands the body and has an uncanny way of figuring out the root of each person's ailments and pain, simply by watching a person move. At first sight, Lauren's approach may appear simplistic, but her fastidious method of instruction provides results and I have seen my body change. 

Jennifer P.

This is unlike any other movement work I've done. The on-demand classes are engaging and challenging, and I LOVE doing them! As a result I'm living a more active life, working out 5-6 days a week (I can't believe I'm writing that) and my body is feeling better than ever. 

Belinda B.

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