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This Monthly Membership transforms women’s relationships with their bodies and anxiety through movement and breath. Working from the inside out, members reach a place of deep alignment, strength, and well-being, allowing them to access their intuition deeper.

What's Included

  • Unlimited access to 130+ healing movement classes and meditations
  • Access to movement class series targeting specific pains or problems
  •   4x/month virtual zoom sessions, dropping deeper into your body and self
  • Bonus Workshops, meditations & talks with Lauren 
  • All classes are 35 minutes and less.
  • The Collective Community to connect with others on this shared journey

Stream 200+ Collective Classes in your membership. 

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Intro to Your Body

Shifting Pain

Calm Your System

Learning to Breathe

Letters from Lauren

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Lauren is not only brilliant, but the kindest person you'll ever meet. Her method connects your body head to toe by releasing the muscles we over use and engaging the muscles that are weak. Her method rebalances and builds true strength from the inside out. After a few months of taking classes, I feel stronger at 40 than I've ever felt in my 30s and 20s.

Liz McNulty

M.S. in Rehab Sciences, Certified Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner


The Collective Zoom Class


Welcome to a new way of communicating with your body!

In these virtual Zoom classes we dig deeper into the workings of your own personal body through my developed method, you will:

- slow down, shifting your stress, anxiety & nervous system

- shift body pain

- align your body properly

- deepen & reset your breathing system

- support proper Movement for a strong & balanced pelvic floor

- strengthen your body from the inside out

"This class is such proof that it is not the time spent but the quality. Such a challenging but complete working of so many parts of the body that simply gets them open and moving."


I'd love to join you

Intuitive Readings

(Psychic Mediumistic Readings) 


This is a space where I hold great respect and devotion to you, to what your higher Self desires you to embrace, and to what your loved ones in spirit and spiritual Guides are wishing to awaken for you and within you. I am invested in your highest good and your truest support.

I am simply receiving beautiful awareness from your own soul, your Guides and your loved ones, and offering it to you.

I invite you to soften in to this space we hold together and be open to whatever messages come through for you. Know that every message is housed in love, beauty and support. 

You will leave our Session together knowing you are supported more than you ever knew and devoted to showing up for yourself, your intuition and for a life and realm you cannot see... more deeply.


I would LOVE to book a Reading!

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Receive 2 gifted Shamanic Journey style Meditations from Lauren!

Allow your soul's knowing, already within you, to open larger.

Be led on a beautiful little journey to hear yourself better.

Yes, please!

About Lauren

Lauren Levine is a Psychic Medium, Mindful Movement Specialist, Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates Instructor, and former Rockette. She helps women of all phases of life reset their bodies and pelvic floors through specialized movement and breath work, as well as tap into their own intuition. 

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The Collective Membership 

Is designed for you to learn more about your own body, body intuition and pelvic floor, and take you from feeling discomfort, pain and insecurity in your body to feeling confident your body can support you in all the ways you dream.      
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Awards and Praise


+ 2018 Charleston’s Choice Finalist - Studio27 (Lauren Levine Movement)

+ 2020 Best of Charleston Finalist - Pilates Studio- Studio27 (Lauren Levine Movement)
+ 2021 Charleston’s Choice Finalist - Barre/Pilates/Yoga Instructor- (Studio27/Lauren Levine Movement)
+ 2021 Charleston’s Choice Finalist - Pilates/Barre Studio- Studio27 (Lauren Levine Movement)


+ 2023 Charleston’s Choice Finalist - Pilates/Barre Studio

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Jun 27, 2023

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