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Hear your intuition.

Heal your body and soul.

A deeper connection to yourself through intuitive guidance, breath, and gentle movement.

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The Collective 

My monthly membership will transform your relationship with your intuition and body. Through my developed method, we work from the inside out to help you slow down & reach a place of deep alignment, strength, and peace, allowing you to access your intuition deeper.

Members get unlimited access to 200+ healing movement classes, bonus meditations, and live sessions dedicated to supporting your physical, emotional, and intuitive self.

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Psychic Mediumistic Readings

This is a space where I receive beautiful awareness about you, what your Higher Self desires you to embrace, and what your guides and loved ones in Spirit are wishing to awaken within you. Every message is housed in love, beauty, and support. 

You will leave our session together knowing that you are supported more than you ever knew, and feeling more deeply devoted to showing up for yourself, your intuition, and a realm you cannot see.

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Meet Lauren, "The Body Whisperer"

Lauren Levine is an Intuitive Medium, Movement & Breath Specialist, Mentor, and former Radio City Rockette.

She helps women in all phases of life bring themselves out of pain, imbalance, and stress, and guides them to connect with their body and intuition on a deeper level.

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Enjoy 2 guided Shamanic Journey-style meditations to explore your inner landscape and connect with your Spirit guides.

I believe that our troubles are pathways to our higher selves.

Every ache, every heartbreak, every lost dream.

The dark parts of our journey offer a chance to take a deeper look at ourselves and our world, and invite a greater appreciation for this body we live in and this planet we live on. 

Knowing that what we feel and how we allow that feeling to come into our lives can change us, evolve us, and has placed us right where we are meant to be; with ourselves, and with each other. 

This is our light. 

And it shines so brightly that even in our darkest moments, even when we don’t see it, we know it's there.

There's no magic pill. There's no class or course. It's within you, this light and peace. And every time you find it, you understand it can occupy more and more of your life. 

I'm here to help women like you step more fully into your light. I support you in connecting to your physical, emotional, and spiritual body so that you can relieve pain and stress, hear your inner voice, and strengthen your intuitive ability to heal.

I am invested in your highest good and your truest support, and I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. 


A Message from Lauren


Imagine an extra layer of support...

surrounding you,
enveloping you,
providing tools & insight
to bring your body and heart
into deeper balance.


Finding Your Inhale Down (Breathing Meditation)

A Journey Through the Senses (Meditation)

Neck Pain & Deep Body Stabilizers (Movement)

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Praise & Endorsements

Lauren has a way of making you understand how your body functions from the inside out. After her sessions I am always at peace with myself, stronger, and ready to face whatever comes my way.


Lissa Eckerle
Ballet Instructor

If you have ever wanted your body to move more easily, in strength, fluidity, and pain free, I cannot recommend Lauren Levine more. I've never felt stronger.


Wendy Johnson Keefer
Equestrian Instructor and Attorney at Law


Lauren is a beautiful vessel for channeling the wisdom of Spirit. Her readings are loving experiences that create healing on deeper levels than words can express.


Stephanie Burg
Somatic & Soul Healing Coach

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