One year ago today

Apr 10, 2024

Saturday was my birthday. 



Another year around the sun, and the saying is true… another year wiser.



So many lessons have crept in and also hit me over the head this past year.



One year ago April 6th, I was flying, for the first time in 8 years (another story for another time:)) to visit my sister and her family. And this April 6th, I drove with my husband to St Augustine.



One year ago today, I was 2 months away from my preventative double mastectomy. I had strangely and instantaneously come to peace within myself, knowing exactly what I wanted to do for me… for my future, my health, my life.



One year ago today, I didn’t know the bravery I would embody, what the venture ahead would look like, what my heart would say after. I dreamt and felt, but I didn’t know.



One year ago today, I knew I wanted a future filled with hope and longevity, a land where I didn’t live in fear of my body or the environment around me.



And today, I marvel at what this past year has been.



I feel grateful.



I feel blessed.



I feel fully alive and strong in my body, soul, heart and emotional self.



I feel like I’ve gotten to fully fly, and I can’t wait to experience what this next year will bring.



When we tap into ourselves and our own hearts and intuitions, we can move our worlds.



We have this power, and we have this light that shines the brightest it ever could, when we hear and follow ourself.



I listened to my heart… and to only what my soul shared… within myself… for myself.



It brought me so much light, so much peace and so many new adventures, that were so meant for me, and only available because I was able to listen…



To me.



To my heart…



To my soul…



When we can feel inside ourselves, something changes within us, and we can see so clearly from there.



Thank you for joining me in my life this past year. I can’t wait to share so many more.

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