Set yourself free

Apr 29, 2024

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

~Gospel of Thomas   



She sits at her computer typing away. Hours have passed and she hasn't even had lunch. The feeling of completing all the tasks possible nip at her heels, ever present in every moment that is her life.



Her hunger is not satiated by food... there is something bottomless there.



A feeling of needing to just get that one thing in place, then everything else will sort out...



Then she can think about her own needs....



But that day keeps passing.



A promise to herself, forever broken.



A very consistent thing.



What happened to the girl who used to laugh? The one who sang and danced, teased and allowed herself to tease another?



She's been lost in the woods of trees filled with papers that need to get completed.




When we leave behind who we are, we leave behind a life of us.




I love to ask my 80 year old self what she would tell me to do, when I have big dreams I want to explore.



Mostly she tells me to forget what all my fears are and step forward into the light.



She requests I own the part of me that knows I can fly free, and that I have a greater power that wants to be explored.



She calls for me to stand in that strength, and exist bigger, ask for more from myself and life...



For me.




She tells me there is nothing to fear, except the moment at the end of my life that I regretted not stepping into the life I craved.




I see you thinking about joining me.



I see you desiring to just say YES. To just exist a little bigger for yourself right now...



To just do the thing.



The thing that opens your self bigger into the light of understanding where you are, and your sense of feeling home in your own skin... your own body... your own soul.



I see you.



I feel you.



I know you, because that was me.



And now I am free.



Free of the burden to stay within the walls I existed in. 



I've been tearing the walls down, so I can see the beauty of an existence bigger and bolder than I can dream up.



A life where I stand fully exposed... to me.



Come and join me...



Explore who you are.



Put down your to do list, and set yourself free.

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