My wish for you and your body

Jun 27, 2023

Time passes so quickly.


We have hopes and dreams for ourselves that move forward when we feel good, and pause when we don’t feel good.


Sometimes these pauses last longer than we hoped and feeling good in our body doesn’t grace our days enough.


My hope is that you feel good in your body.


REALLY good.


I hope that you feel you can sit comfortably, breathe easily and feel open… in your body, in your mind, in your spirit.


i hope that you can share time with your loved ones fully wrapped up in the moment, because your body feels so good.


i hope you feel you can take a walk, a run, a class, whenever you want, because you are free of pain and feel balanced.


Our body is our vessel and best friend through this life.


I hope you are fully hearing yours. 💗

We want you to Move Beautifully!

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