To you, who is working so hard

Jul 04, 2023

I know you feel frustrated.


I know you are working so hard.


I know sometimes you want to curl into a ball and close the world away.


I see you. I know this feeling. I understand.


What you cannot see, is what I can.


I feel your heart, just waiting to open. It just craves the right connection.


I see your higher self, standing strong within you, unfaltering in its existence.


I know the depths of the struggle you’ve endured and the hope within that truly has never left, even when you’ve felt it has.


I hear the roar of your voice, so loud and clear, even when you feel you aren’t saying the words in a way they can be understood.


Your heart is my heart. My soul is your soul. We are the same, yet in different form.


I will support you. I will teach you how to heal your body. I will show you how brave you are.


And you will fly. You will see.

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