Dec 31, 2023

I believe that our physical patterns are not just physical.


Sharing what we feel in our bodies AND our hearts is just as valid as doing Movement work. In fact, it goes together and makes every bit of sense.


When we suppress our feelings and stresses experienced in our physical bodies AND our hearts, our bodies begin to incorporate ways to handle our stress. 


Our nervous system comes to our aid, increasing hormone levels affecting our adrenals, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Our liver produces extra sugar as an energy boost. Our digestive system can bring us heartburn, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain through the increase in our cardiovascular and breathing systems.


Temporarily, this is ok. It’s how our body is designed to come alive when it is necessary for our survival. (We all know this by now. :))


When we have stuck stress it can present as physical pain, pelvic floor disfunction, inflammation, tight muscles, diseases, OCD, heart conditions, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and the list goes on and on.


So, why would we choose to mentally segment Movement away from every other system in our body, when all systems affect each other so deeply?


One of my passions in Sessions and Programs is addressing the nervous system and opening the doors for you to know and experience the observation of your own body. 


To truly live in and understand your body’s feelings physically as you move, and have the open space to express your feelings in your hearts and selves through your own voice. 


The education piece and full experience is vital to your empowerment and ability to bring peace and healing into your system. Connecting your mind, body, spirit and heart is so important.


Every piece of our beautifully, magnificent system is interconnected and responds off the experiences of another.


Our physical patterns are not just physical.


It opens our worlds when we become aware of what our body says to us. We can speak to and guide our body in a way it can thrive. We only have one. 


Our full system hears us.


To learn to listen to your body in a whole new way, join me in my upcoming 4 month long Pelvic Floor Program Intensive (live virtual!) starting in January! Details and information Coming Soon! 


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