Soul communication

Jan 29, 2024

There is a love that encircles every single one of us. I promise you.


We are supported so deeply and held so freely, we don't even realize it.


I experience time and time again the absolute beauty of Spirit that exists around us, as we live our own lives.



And I love receiving messages after readings, when previously unknown discoveries from the reading come to light.



When someone has dementia or alzheimer’s their Spirit can come through to their loved ones.



It’s really quite magical.



This past Saturday, a dear mom, who is still in her physical form, came through to her daughter.



One of the things she showed me was that someone kept bringing her round, brown cookies or doughnuts with icing. Her daughter didn’t know what she meant. After the reading, she called her sister, who lives by her mother… It turned out the woman’s sister had been bringing her mom an oatmeal creme pie every day.



It will never cease to amaze me, this conversation between the Spirit world and our own human one. I live in awe at this existence and true possibility, these experiences available to each one of us. 



My own soul has had this calling all along, of experiencing and sharing the Spirit realm. 



Providing readings and drawing others closer into their own bodies and souls is the same feeling I had when I was dancing professionally...



I knew it was my destiny. It is why I was brought to this earth this time around.



I know conversations with the Spirit world may sound far fetched to some, and I’m ok with that.



I know what I feel, and I know the unexplainable experiences that continue, reading after reading. The more I experience them, the more in awe I become, and the more I could care less about controlling life, caring what someone might think or excelling in some way. I just want to live in this beauty that already is. 



And strangely, the more I feel this, the more life opens up to me.



We all exist with this possibility, settling in more clearly into our own soul, so we can hear and feel the world and space around us more clearly.



Every day, I can’t wait to continue this journey, shining a beautiful, bright light... 



To open love and communication between hearts and souls that are meant to connect...



To feel passed loved ones again...



To know oneself deeper...



To hear this soul to soul communication that consistently swirls through the air around us.



It is real.



It is true.



And it is available.


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