The darkness

Jan 15, 2024

As we are moving past the darkest parts of the year, I contemplate how the darkness has brought me so much light.

Our troubles are our pathways to our higher selves.

Every ache, every heartbreak, every lost dream, leads us to another dream that becomes alive, another solution to our ache, a deeper look into ourselves and our world, and a greater appreciation for this day we exist in and this planet we live on.

We are full of hope and faith.

A knowing that what we feel and how we allow the feeling to come into our lives has changed us, evolved us and placed us right where we are meant to be…

With ourselves.
With each other.

This is our light.

And it shines so brightly, that even in our darkest moments when we don’t see it, we know it is there.

Our road is faith, our heart is pure and our mind is free.

That’s fully living. That’s the life I choose to feel and exist in.

Because it is that… an awakening into a choice.

There’s no magic pill.
There’s no course to devour.

It’s within you, this light and peace.

And every time you find it, before it filters away, you understand it can occupy more and more of your life,

So you venture…
You believe…
And you grow…

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