The magic of the mountains

Mar 07, 2024

Holding Psychic Mediumistic Readings for 8 women in Sedona was incredible...



I was so honored to be a part of such a stunning retreat and experience, held by WILDCRAFT and fully immersed in LOTUSWEI and LOTUSWEI Flower Essences.



There was something so tribal and real about the mountains and red earth in Sedona.



They held such power.



I understood in the flash of a moment how people long ago believed lands or objects to be Gods.



These mountains loomed over us, watching and commanding our full presence. I waited for them to speak. It felt sure to happen.



I feel the same way when I give psychic mediumistic readings. There is no expectation. There is nothing I can possibly plan for...



The moment just appears in full view in a split second and delivers such depth of beauty and all encompassing love and care...



Everyone leaves the experience changed somehow.



There was such a strong energetic feeling in this land, just as I feel during a psychic mediumistic reading.



As I spent more time in this land, the earth spoke, too, and the flowers... as if the Spirit of each became more alive in a human way.



So, I asked you last week where you would go and what you would do if you allowed yourself to dream..



I asked you what that could feel like, when you imagine it.



For me, I imagine my heart would stay in a place that feels like mountains and land and flowers and water. I would stay dancing in them and with them. 



A place where everything is possible and love is overflowing.



This is exactly what I feel when I give psychic mediumistic readings.



Opening doors into lands that already exist around us...



Hearing what is being said around us...



Knowing that we are meant to hear it...



To shift...



To know our life, heart and world... bigger and deeper.



That's what readings feel like to me.



That's where I want to go.



That's where I choose to be.


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