We must know ourselves

May 14, 2024

Nothing changes without us changing first.


Have you ever felt you are staring down the eyes of the exact same conversation, frustration, moment or feeling?


You can see how it needs to shift SO clearly. You can even speak that it needs to shift out loud.


You SEE it.


You FEEL it.


You express what the outcome is meant to be, but it just continues this circular pattern of repeating itself over and over…


As if on autopilot…


Stuck in a cycle that you deeply NEED to be released from.


You feel with every atom within you that it must shift.


So why isn’t it?


We can’t allow ourselves to remain the same, and plead for what’s gravitating around us to change.


We must shift the beliefs within our mind… the mantras that subconsciously repeat within our heads.


We must shift how we are responding in the moment, what WE are putting out there.


We must be able to not only hear the hints guiding us from the world and Spirit around us, but also be able to watch ourselves clearly, too.


We must evolve and we must be able to know our own responses and reactions in order to do so… in order for the cyclical moment… the energetic exchange… the invisible conversation, to shift.


We can’t be the same person we are in these moments and expect to move forward in a BIG way.


We need deeper awareness and knowledge into who we are in order to move forward into who we are in creation to be.


That deeper awareness comes from experiences and moments we live in, the pauses we fully take and how genuinely we allow ourselves to stay in the experience of the pause. 


How massively can we stay in the wonder of what we’ve become aware of and the depths of how to listen to what rests around us...


The in between…


The cracks…


In the spaces we cannot see, that are THERE, screaming so loudly for us to listen.


To hear.


To stop making it SO HARD.


It doesn’t have to be so hard.


What if you could hear differently…






What could happen for you?


How could your experience shift like magic?


How could you evolve?


What could happen in your life and in your experiences in your life?


Where could you go?


Giving Psychic mediumistic Readings and receiving awareness and messages from Spirit has reorganized and redesigned my own life.


The ability to listen in to what’s already available around me, and to be fully present to bringing it in, into what it may then be, is mesmerizing to say the least.


Being present for the moments others in front of me feel and experience this exact thing I am talking about is just as mesmerizing.


Being present for the healing shifts that flow from Spirit to another cannot be replicated by anything else I’ve experienced.


It’s just plain magic.


When we tap into Spirit, all things are possible.


Life is just different.


I’d love to invite you to join me, in whatever way speaks to you, to open and fill your own cup… your own desires in life.


Awaken a different version of yourself. One you once knew and are now remembering. A version of yourself you are reintroducing back into the light.


Because when we experience this connection to ourselves and to our souls in this way, we cannot help but shift our experiences around us.


We want you to Move Beautifully!

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