When we depart this life...

Apr 10, 2024

When we leave this life, we take nothing with us except our Spirit...


I made a pact with my heart yesterday.

I decided I was going to halt purchasing things, and purchase moments that grew my soul and Spirit in ways I never dreamt possible... 

Experiences that brought me to tears...

That housed my heart...

And that gave light to my being.


I decided that what I invest in myself returns x1000, because I've seen it happen every single time I have. 

I would not be who I am or where I am if I had not chosen to invest in something invisible, for ME, over and over again.

I would not have taken all life's darkest times, held them fully and expressed them back into the world as art. 


What I receive every single time I invest in my Spirit and heart has brought greater wealth to my heart, my healing, my life and even my pockets.


It's true. 

Because every time I've done so, I'VE shifted.  

I've grown.

I've EVOLVED in bigger ways than I can possible write here. I would need to write an entire book to bring to life what each investment in MYSELF has unfolded.. Maybe one day I will. :)


It has made me able to pause in wonder, seeing the synchronicity of events opening up right in front of me. 

It has made me completely fearless every time I say YES. 

It has made me question rules and march to my own beat, the beat of a drum that gets louder and louder as I hear myself more and more clearly.

And it has made me shine my own light so brightly, that all can feel my love, my peace... 


When we leave this life, we leave behind our dearest items.  

Everything that feels so precious to us here, becomes meaningless.

What we say YES to... for our Spirits and hearts...  

THAT comes with us.  

The experiences, growth and love we devour and hold for ourselves and others, that's what moves our SOUL.


Life is so beautifully full of deeply moving moments.

To be able to see and experience these deeply moving moments, shifts our current handling of our life, our hearts and our future.   

I want to experience moments that leave me breathless, in the most beautiful way. 

We want you to Move Beautifully!

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