"I wanted to thank Lauren Levine Movement after my stay in the hospital with COVID pneumonia. My left lung was tight and in pain, through her one-on-one (Lung Strengthening) Virtual class, she was able to free up the tightness and allow air to flow through the lung. I am doing much better since her class and I plan on scheduling a follow up to continue to strengthen my lungs. Some have said she is the body whisperer, and I agree! I have seen the amazing things she has done for my wife. God bless your business, Lauren, don't ever give up on your God given gift. God bless you!"


~Rodney McLeod: CEO/Co-Founder McLeod Information Systems




"Lauren definitely is the body whisperer. I've been in so much shoulder pain for the past month or so. In just one (Semi-Private Virtual) class, she helped me start to reorganize how I was using my muscles. After only three classes, my shoulder feels soooo much better. A whole day with no pain today. You are amazing Lauren."

~Carol Cottrell; Spiritual Medium


"If you have ever wanted your body to move more easily, in strength, fluidity and pain free, I cannot recommend Lauren Levine and Lauren Levine Movement more. In the four plus years I have been going to Lauren and learning all she has to share about how to get our bodies to move in a more natural and healthy way, I have never felt stronger -  without stiffness or any of the other "side effects" of other body movement classes. Now, you can access her beautiful methods On-Demand. Lauren also offers private online and in person sessions to help you get started and more fully to understand her philosophy of how all of the pieces of our body work together for us. This Friday will be 3 years since my first horseback riding lesson - at age 46 -  and I don't think I could've done so much with this new passion without Lauren!!! " 

~ Wendy Johnson Keefer; Equestrian Instructor and Attorney at Law


To know Lauren Levine is a rare blessing! She is a gifted, imaginative, and thoughtful expert on how to incorporate movement through a variety of methods, deriving from traditional methodology like yoga, barre and pilates with specific, inventive interpretations, creating an elevated and personalized experience for each student. Lauren has helped me through broken rib injuries twice, strengthening my pelvic floor to increase overall body stability and helping me perfect my golf swing through movement to name only a few examples.

Lauren’s practice of elevated movement is a mind/body synergy that transcends the notion of strength to overall wellness. Beyond all of her professional expertise, Lauren is without a doubt one of the most special individuals on the planet. Her genuine and thoughtful nature make each person feel valued and supported. Lauren’s studio reflects the grace and elegance of Lauren and is a welcoming space enhancing the joy of movement for all who enter. There has not been a time, in six years, that I did not leave Lauren’s studio feeling renewed in mind, body and spirit with invigorated strength to live my best life possible.

~Linda Walder Cotto; author, founder of the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation


"Lauren Levine Movement is truly an amazing form of movement. Lauren could not be more aware and nurturing of each individual in her approach. This method, through small,  precise movements, allows an arising of whole body awareness from which every person can benefit. Lauren encourages students to be curious about what works and what does not in each individual body. She is curious about what works in your body, as well, which is so validating. Be prepared for revelations in the process. I highly recommend Lauren!"

~ Colleen Geis; Yoga Instructor, Private Chef


"Oh goodness where do I begin! I started getting really into pilates while living in the Bay Area after having reconstructive ankle surgery about a year ago, and as such, needing  a shift in my exercise routine. Since then (and I know it hasn't been that long...), BUT I have seen my fair share of instructors. I traveled for a good portion of the summer so I  have taken classes in California, Nevada, Texas, and now more recently South Carolina. So, it was during my first class with Lauren when I immediately knew she was different, in the absolute best way.  

She was extremely attentive to each of us in the class, and remarkably technical. Her cues speak to exactly what I need to improve my form and have helped me so much. My complaining of constant low back stiffness seems to be improving much more drastically than anything else I have tried (PT, chiro). Each class she teaches is tailored precisely to who is present, and has continued to help me since that first class. 

Lauren's knowledge of movement and ability to apply it to each of her clients' needs is unlike anything I have experienced. I look forward to learning more and more with/from her each week!

~ Catherine Paris: LT, USCG, Armed Forces Volleyball Team USA, 2019 MWG


 "Just as it is clear that you were born to be a dancer (this is evident without having seen you dance per se), it is clear that you were also meant to be a teacher who students feel privileged and lucky to learn from. You are indeed a top-tier instructor, both gifted and talented, and I am so happy to be working with you! "

~ Holly Hadley; Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


"Exactly what I needed- an amazing workout, deep breathing, and amazing support from a knowledgeable instructor. I know that tomorrow I will feel all of the muscles I worked tonight but the class was so meditative I honestly forgot I was working out. Lauren is a phenomenal teacher and I cannot wait for my next class!"

~ Molly Griggs; Research Specialist, The Norris Lab


"Lauren Levine and Lauren Levine Movement has been the best movement program I have ever been in. Every class has a purpose and geared to keep you moving correctly to stay out of pain and discomfort. Recently, Lauren worked with me on different ways to help my left shoulder get relief from pain, and to find more mobility.  By working together, Lauren gave me exercises to do at home, and now I don’t have any discomfort and more range of motion in my arm.

Her program is so much more than just exercises, you will definitely get in shape, but it is so much more. I am a ballet teacher, and an older individual, and I do have some movement limitations. Through breathing techniques and body awareness I am able to move precisely and with purpose in my daily life and while teaching children ranging in ages 3 to 12. I have more energy which to me is amazing, and my days have more focus.

Lauren has a way of making you understand how your body functions from the inside and out. I am always at peace with myself, stronger, and ready to face whatever comes my way.

Lauren Levine Movement is not just a class to attend, it has become an important part of my life and a necessary one for me. I thank you Lauren for all the time and effort I know that goes on behind each class you teach."

 ~ Lissa Eckerle; Ballet Instructor


"Thank you for sharing your gift. I loved every minute of it. The breath-work I've learned has been life changing. I realized yesterday that when I was in proper alignment face down on a massage table, that the breath-work in that position came naturally. I feel the calm brought on, my body being nourished by the oxygen and my brain working better. Very interesting stuff. Looking forward to the next Session."

~Olivia Vedad; Massage Therapist


"Lauren Levine Movement is unlike any other movement work I've done, Lauren has truly created something amazing. With other modalities I felt like needed to torture myself to do it "right". Lauren has taught me different!!! The On-Demand classes are engaging and challenging and I LOVE doing them! As a result I'm living a more active life, working out 5-6 days a week (I can't believe I'm writing that, but it's true!) and my body is feeling better than ever. The hip pain that I've lived with for years is even starting to subside. I can't recommend Lauren and Lauren Levine Movement more highly, it's incredible!"

~ Belinda Hare; Ecommerce Director


"I've worked with Lauren for nearly a decade in a variety of settings- larger group classes, smaller group classes, private sessions, virtually, and in-person- and she is "the body whisperer." She understands the body and has an uncanny way of figuring out the root of each person's ailments and pain, simply by watching a person move. At first sight, Lauren's approach may appear simplistic, but her fastidious method of instruction provides results and I have seen my body change. She possesses a gift of deconstructing the imbalances and weaknesses of each individual's body in a nonjudgmental manner and then providing a remedy that is gentle and sustainable, yet also challenging. Lauren's attentive, kind, and genuine demeanor bestows everyone exiting her class a sense of accomplishment, encouragement, and peace."

~ Jennifer Poon, M.D.


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