"I feel grounded, loved, and more alive..."

Through Psychic Readings and The Collective, Lauren guides women like you on a healing journey where you can deepen your knowledge of your body and Spirit. Here's what real women are saying about "The Body Whisperer."

Community Testimonials



It was during my first class with Lauren that I knew she was different, in the best way. Lauren's knowledge of movement and ability to apply it to each of her clients' needs is unlike anything I have experienced. I look forward to learning more and more from her each week!

— Catherine

Lauren has a way of making you understand how your body functions from the inside out. I am always at peace with myself, stronger, and ready to face whatever comes my way. It has become an important part of my life.  

— Lissa 


Exactly what I needed: an amazing workout, deep breathing, and support from a knowledgeable instructor. Lauren is a phenomenal teacher and I cannot wait for my next class!


Thank you for sharing your gift. I loved every minute of it. The breathwork I've learned has been life changing. I feel the calm brought on, my body being nourished by the oxygen and my brain working better.

— Olivia


Lauren possesses a gift of deconstructing the imbalances and weaknesses of each individual's body in a nonjudgmental manner and then providing a remedy that is gentle and sustainable. Her attentive, kind, and genuine demeanor bestows everyone a sense of accomplishment, encouragement, and peace.

— Jennifer

Lauren's method of teaching and guidance allowed for so much discovery on my own! The most valuable thing I learned is how to notice what's happening in my own body and assess what needs to be done to feel better.

 The Movement Graduate


I have learned how to connect with my body not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. In a world that seems to reward constantly doing and producing, it can be challenging for so many women to settle and do less. Lauren holds space for you so you can listen to the wisdom of your body. 

— Danielle

Lauren encourages students to be curious about works and what does not in each individual body, which is so validating. Be prepared for revelations in the process.


— Colleen


This [psychic reading] experience was so fulfilling! Lauren connected with family members who have passed and was able to facilitate a communication with them that has brought me such peace and comfort.

She took the time to truly connect with me and my needs and that connection showed in her spot-on reading.


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