Life shifts

Jan 01, 2024

Our bodies feel connection. They call for it from their darkest places and intimately know when they are without it.

Our hearts desire a deep love. Whether we know how to ask for it or not, it is there.

Our souls wish us to know there is something bigger guiding our way, and that the weight of life doesn’t rest alone on our shoulders. 

Our life is a gift.

Our experiences feed our beliefs, 

And our outcome is ours to create.

When we point a finger towards someone, we must immediately turn it towards ourselves.

What am I doing that I’m not recognizing?

What am I feeding, without realizing I’m a leader?

We have great opportunity to turn our lights on brighter, to connect with each other more, to feel our bodies move and exist in a luxurious way…

By creating new choices and pathways for ourselves…

By seeing our part in relationships with ourselves and others…

By opening into and committing to new ways…

Life shifts.

Our lives evolve when we rest into the current space we are in, allow who we are this moment to shine through, and choose to open our hearts bigger to those around us, to our born into and chosen family.

Whether that means speaking our feelings out loud, becoming a present listener, and anything in between.

Past pain can begin to shift and love blooms.

A possibility of being brought into a space where you can open bigger to hold more is planted…

Allowing the balance of what once felt so big… to recalibrate. 

The holidays can feel so big, and can also support us in healing our hearts, bodies and souls.

Did your holidays feel big? In what way? Did something shift or move for you?

I’d love to know…

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