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The Collective

The monthly membership where women like YOU open your intuition, and learn  to heal your body and pelvic floor through Movement and breath.

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Lauren Levine Collective

This Monthly Membership transforms women’s relationships with their bodies, Movement and breath. Working from the inside out, it brings members to a place of deep alignment, strength, and well-being. 


Our pelvic floors support us through all of our Movement in life, and through The Collective we bring this foundational system back into balance and strength. Pelvic floor work is built into every single thing we do inside The Collective, so that these shifts will progress your body and life in beautiful, unexpected ways as you do the work!

I Want This!

With The Collective, women are able to:

  • Rebalance and heal their body and pelvic floor
  • Learn how to Move and breathe in ways that stop them from experiencing chronic pain
  • Settle their nervous system after years of stress and burnout
  • Learn to intuitively hear their own body better
  • Create a Movement practice for themselves that’s suited to the lifestyle and schedule they have NOW, not the one they had in their twenties  
  • Activate areas that feel inactive (abdominals, etc) and release tension and pain from their necks, shoulders, jaws, backs, hips and more
  • Transform the way they think and feel about their bodies, as well as setting themselves up for continued physical strength, health and mobility in years to come
  • Connect with a community of women ready to explore themselves and their bodies deeper (The Collective Enhanced Option)
I'm Ready to Heal


"Lauren is 'The Body Whisperer.' She understands the body and has an uncanny way of figuring out the root of each person's ailments and pain, simply by watching a person move. At first sight, Lauren's approach may appear simplistic, but her fastidious method of instruction provides results and I have seen my body change. She possesses a gift of deconstructing the imbalances and weaknesses of each individual's body in a nonjudgmental manner and then providing a remedy that is gentle and sustainable, yet also challenging. Lauren's attentive, kind, and genuine demeanor bestows everyone exiting her class a sense of accomplishment, encouragement, and peace."

~Jennifer Poon, M.D.


Unlimited Access to 200+ Movement Classes

Each on-demand class is geared toward calming your nervous system and retraining your body and pelvic floor into beautifully balanced Movement. Classes are placed in categories you desire extra support in  Hips & Pelvic Floor, Necks & Shoulders, Backs, Abdominals, etc. 

Chapters Categories to Set You Up For Success

The Chapters categories bring you more education, awareness, and opportunity to understand your personal body on a much deeper level. Each Chapter is geared towards processes I use and teach in Private Sessions, to bring you quicker out of pain and imbalance and into freedom.  

Class Series Designed to Dive Deeper Into Specific Areas of the Body


These specific Movement class series provide fast-but-sustainable solutions for specific pains or problem areas. 

Virtual Zoom Sessions

4 Live Zoom Sessions per month enable members to check in with Lauren and ask questions about anything! Time is dedicated to your emotional and physical self.


Various styles of meditations, including opening bound fascia and tight pelvic floors, as well as Shamanic Journey style meditations to open your body, heart and intuition. 

Foundational Membership


per month

  • Unlimited 200+ classes on demand
  • Movement Series designed to support healing of hips, backs, necks & more
  • ALL On-demand classes support rebalancing your whole body & pelvic floor
  • Breathing Meditations to reset your breathing patterns into a functional, healing state
  • All on demand classes 35 minutes and under, with a special 20 minutes and under category
  • Cancel anytime
  • Does not include access to Bonus Workshops with Lauren or Live Virtual Sessions with Lauren via Zoom
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Enhanced Membership


per month

  • Everything included in the Foundations Membership
  • 4 Virtual Live Sessions every month (Saturdays 9amEST) to receive instruction & support directly from Lauren via Zoom!
  • Bonus Recorded Workshops with Lauren- Feet, Shoulders & Abdominals 
  • Unlimited access every month to the Live recorded Sessions, designed to drop you out of your mind and into your body, connect you to your internal Self and bring you quickly out of pain & into freedom.
  • Unlimited access to the Favorites category of Live Sessions
  • Cancel anytime
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Lauren's Pelvic Floor Intensive & Body Mentorship Program was also SO helpful. I completed it near the end of my second trimester and it helped a ton with pelvic pain management. I was able to avoid a clinical diagnosis of diastasis recti during that pregnancy, and I attribute a lot of that to really consciously connecting to my abdominals during movement. I wouldn’t have known quite how to master that without Lauren’s program!!” 

~ Catherine Paris: LT, USCG, Armed Forces Volleyball Team USA, 2019 MWG

Discover a new way of moving

A way that doesn’t feel like punishment and that’s actually what your body DESIRES.

You’ll realize you can shift your whole body into a new, strong, ALIVE state.

You’ll learn that you can achieve what you want by DOING LESS… and bring your body to a place where you feel free, alive, balanced and like the true YOU.

You'll use this new knowledge and feeling in your body to do more of what you LOVE.


You can have all the above and so much more.

I Want to Shift


"If you have ever wanted your body to move more easily, in strength, fluidity and pain free, I cannot recommend Lauren Levine and Lauren Levine Movement more. In the four plus years I have been going to Lauren and learning all she has to share about how to get our bodies to move in a more natural and healthy way, I have never felt stronger -  without stiffness or any of the other "side effects" of other body movement classes. Now, you can access her beautiful methods On-Demand. Lauren also offers private online and in person sessions to help you get started and more fully to understand her philosophy of how all of the pieces of our body work together for us. This Friday will be 3 years since my first horseback riding lesson - at age 46 -  and I don't think I could've done so much with this new passion without Lauren!!! " 

~ Wendy Johnson Keefer; Equestrian Instructor and Attorney at Law

I’m Lauren Levine

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mindful Movement Specialist, Breathing Specialist, Pilates Instructor, Psychic Medium and former Radio City Rockette.

And here’s what I believe: 
You don’t need to work so hard to get where you want to be. 

What if you could develop a new relationship with your body? 

What if you knew how to talk to it and listen to what it’s trying to tell you… and respond to it in a way that eases any pain you have, accelerates your healing and wellbeing, and brings you into an entirely new way of living in it?

Our bodies are built to respond to the language that speaks to them.

This membership will help you bring your body back to its original state, before it started to feel like something you always seem to be trying to shape and control: making it smaller, tighter, thinner, bendier, less this, more that, always trying to mold it to suit others' and your own expectations.

 Lauren Levine Collective isn’t an online exercise membership where the focus is on the physical appearance, working harder and feeling guilty you are not diving in each day.


It’s a home where you will learn to breathe better, hear your intuition louder, make your body and pelvic floor stronger and healthier, reduce pain and reset your nervous system… with Live virtual opportunities each month, where I’ll watch and guide your breathing system, answer your questions, and connect with you on a deeper, more intuitive level.

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